Hardware Options

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Go to Invoice>Invoice Options and select the Hardware tab.

Select your Cash Drawer Type, Pole Display, Barcode Scanner, Com Port if used and Signature Pad if used.


Electronic Signature - This feature allows the customer to electronically sign on invoices.

Please note that a custom invoice report is required to use this feature. To design your own custom invoice please go to Invoice > Invoice Options and select the Printing tab.

If you have difficulty designing the report  you can contact our office.


SignatureCredit NoteEmailLabelAssignMiscellaneousMessage On ReportGeneralPrintingHardware Options


Note - Signature Pad

The Signature Pad needs to be a Wacom signature pad, select capture Signature, should you have a Wacom Signature Pad,  if not then you can use the mouse to sign.


Wacom Signature pad