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Use this lookup to delete unwanted images, search for duplicate images and resize images that is too big.

Go to Company > Extra > Document Image Lookup

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Document Image Lookup



Each image has a unique fingerprint. We use fingerprinting to identify images that are the same.

This is a great method to find duplicates and comes to its right if you import thousands of images  say for instance through a web service and now your website have thousands of duplicates and you want to remove them


Duplicate Count

This column display the amount of duplicate images throughout the program. A duplicate count of 4 means that the same image is duplicated 4 times.


Stock Image Count.

Number of images attached to that specific stock item.


Job No., Customer No. etc.

These columns show to which entity the document is linked


Unassociated Image.

List of all images that is not linked to a specific item, customer, quote etc. You can filter for 1 to get a list of all unassociated images.


Optimize Images

Optimize images reduce images to web optimized sizes using the provided maximum dimensions (width or height whichever is largest) and target file size.

It runs a loop where each loop pass decreases the image size and image quality until the desired file size is achieved.

The minimum width/height is 150 and minimum JPEG quality is 70; if the minimums are reached the optimization will stop to preserve image legibility.


See also Stock Items > Extra > Stock Image Lookup


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