Cash Journal

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A cash journal is used to make accounting entries of both receipts and expenditures and is used to manage a company's cash transactions.

Examples of expenditures are electricity bills, telephone bills, service fees, salaries etc.


Cash payments to suppliers is done under Supplier > Supplier Journal and Customer payments under Customer >Customer Journals or under Customer > Customer Receipts.


Go to Ledger > Cash Journal

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Lookup & Reversal of Journals

Use the Show Type to choose between showing Payments or Deposits.

Use Show Completion if you want to recall a completed journal. If you like you can reverse a journal (delete the journal).

For more on corrections, click here.

Note that you cannot reverse a journal where the Bank Reconciliation or Tax was done.


Choose between New Withdrawal (Payments) and New Deposit.

The following form will open.

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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Cash Journals

Cash Journals



If you pay a supplier go to Supplier > Supplier Journal and select New Payment. If the payment was made from the cash register, the General Ledger account must be your Cash Control account so that the money can reflect in your Cash Up.

If the expenses were paid out of the till then you will record it in the Cash up module.


If it was a payment received from a customer you must record it in Customer > Customer Journals > New Payment Received or under Customer > Receive Payment.


Cash Journal Approval

Should you wish to create an approval process for the cash journal - e.g. your clerk can capture the Journal (New withdrawal/payment or New Deposit), but is not allowed to post it as it will require approval from a Manager. Then the Manager approves the Journal, but he/she too can't post the Journal, finally the Auditor will be the one whom posts this journal (in each step of this process each person will be set up using the security settings and can only perform that specific function).  This means that on the clerk's screen the Post and Approval is greyed out, the account's screen has the post greyed out, and the auditor will have the approval greyed out.

You can also allow one person to approve and process; so a clerk can capture the data while the manager approves and process.


Go to Ledger > Account Options and select the Restrictions & Options tab - select the checkbox - 'Do cash journals need approval'. If unchecked then the Process and Approval checkboxes will be hidden.


Then on the Ledger select Cash Journal, (please ensure that the form is then opened before setting the security) Then go to your Security settings and set each person up in their group with the function applicable - i.e clerk not allowed to approve or process, Manager only allowed to process and Auditor Allowed to process but can’t change approval status or edit.


Bank Account

Only accounts that are marked as Reconcilable in the General Ledger > Account Setup will be shown here.

Tip - Mark the petty cash account as reconcilable if you do many payments from it. This will save you time as you don't have to do an adjustment journal that will require two entries.


Print on Post

If selected the batch will automatically print.


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