Goods Receiving (Inventory Receipt or Supplier Invoice)

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Watch the video - Goods Receiving (Getting Started)


Go to Stock Items > Goods Receiving

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The correct procedure for using the GRN module would be to first create a purchase order and, upon receipt of the goods, convert it to a GRN by right-clicking on the order number and selecting "GRN This Order.".


Unique features the goods-receiving module includes:

Keeping back orders.

Scanning of serial numbers. Complete serial no. tracking.

Automatically generate a range of serial numbers.

Use different buying and selling units.

Import your GRN if your supplier can give it to you in electronic format.

Allocation of shipping costs and importation fees added to average costs.

A complete document imaging system.

A complete history of every payment, purchase order, return etc. that you have with this supplier.

Auto Re-Order. See Purchase Planning

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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Extra Tab

Description of Fields

Receiving Warehouse

Warehouse that must receive the goods (Extra tab).


Extra Tab - Supplier Invoice

Total Owed (Incl.)

Type in the amount that is on the supplier's invoice this must be done before you type in the rest like discount % etc.

Disc. %. (Excl.)

Type in the discount % and the other 2 fields will be calculated.

Disc. Amt. (Excl.)

Type in the amount and the other 2 fields will be calculated. You will use this if the supplier give you a certain amount of discount on his invoice. SI+ will spread the discount proportionally between the items.

Disc. Amt. (Incl.)

Type in the amount and the other 2 fields will be calculated. You will use this if the supplier give you a certain amount of discount on his invoice. SI+ will spread the discount proportionally between the items.


Explanation of the different columns


Is the unit in which you buy.

Qty Arrived

Type in the actual quantity that the supplier send (buying units).

Qty Expected

The quantity that you ordered. Will be populated via the purchase order form.

Qty. Difference

Difference between the quantity arrived and Quantity expected.

Qty Main Unit

Is the quantity in your selling units. E.g. you buy beer per crate and there are 24 bottles per crate. If you type in 1 you will see that the Main Unit display 24

Unit Pr. Currency Exclusive

The unit price in for e.g. USD $ E.g. if you type in 4 and the exchange rate is 6.72 then the Rand value will be 4 * 6.72

Discount %

Discount percentage per line. You can also set it in the Extra Tab.


Add the number of labels you want to print. You can set the default number to print under Stock Items > Stock Options. To print the labels go to Stock Extra | Print labels. See below to print serial number labels.


Select the VAT type. Remember if the supplier is not registered for VAT, set it in the Supplier Main Form


Difference between the current and the previous cost price. The cost price will include shipping costs.

Example: Previous Cost = $18, MU% 45% Sell price= $26.1. The new Cost price in GRV = 5 thus profit = 21.1 (26.1 - 5). New MU =  21.1/5*100 (profit/cost) = 422%. This is only a theoretical number with the presumption that the selling price won't change.


The weight of the item. Set it in the Main Stock Form.

Landing Cost

All the shipping costs added together.This amount is calculated from the amount that is specified in the Shipping and Other Costs tab. The Landing Cost can be calculated by using either the value or the weight of the item. You can also type in the Landing Cost per hand. Go to Stock Options > GRN to set the default.

Price Difference Exclusive

The difference between the Purchase Order amount and the GRN amount.

Stats Tab

Total Landed Cost Incl.

Landed Cost Excl.Total + VAT

Total Landed Cost Factor (Incl. exchange rate)

Total Landed Cost Incl. / Line Total Excl.

If you multiply this factor with the Unit Pr you will get the VAT Inclusive selling price

Stock General Ledger (GL) Account

You can override the general ledger account that is set in the Stock Groups Setup. Usually, it is posted to the General Ledger Stock Control account. If you override it, then there will be a difference between your general ledger value and your physical stock value. This option is only for use with non-stock items. Make sure that you block the incorrect use of this option in the GRV security setup.

* Total + Shipping Incl. - Please note that if your courier differs from your supplier, it will not be added to the Total +Shipping Incl. total of the GRN, however it will be displayed in the Landed Cost Total Incl., as you would need to pay two accounts/suppliers on that GRN).


Back Orders.

See back orders under Purchase Orders > Back orders.


Trade In: If you are sending, for example empty bottles back, then you must put the quantity in as a negative amount. The GRN amount will now be reduced with the trade in's value.



Automatically work out the unit price by typing in the quantity and the total price.

You can design your own Purchase Order by going to Stock > Stock Options and click on the Purchase Order tab.

You can add the same stock item more than once by setting it under Stock > Stock Options - Un-check the Add Item..



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