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Default Currency

& Use Multiple Currencies

Purpose: E.g. you have a game lodge in South Africa, you purchase all your stock in South Africa, however you sell it in a different currency. for e.g. Euro. Thus the invoice must display all values in Euro.

Step 1. Go to Company > Application Option (this form)

Default currency is the currency of the country you live in.

Select Use Multiple Currencies. This will enable the currency and exchange rate option on the Invoice, Credit Note and GRN form.

Step 2. Go to Company > Extra > Table Maintenance and on the General tab, select the Currencies button

Type in the exchange rate or select either Update from OpenExchangeRates or Update from ECB to automatically update the exchange rates.

The base currency is the currency of the country your business is in.

Step 3. Go to Customer > Customer Options and select the New Defaults tab.

Here you set the default currency for all new clients that you add.

Step 4. In the Customer Main Form, select the Default Currency. This currency will automatically be used on the invoice form.


The Currency and Exchange rate will be displayed on the invoice in the Customer / More tab. Set the invoice default currency in the Invoice Options > General tab

Although the invoice will display for e.g. Euro values all the journal entries in the General Ledger will be in the default currency.

Write Email

See Company > SI Emails.



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