Stock Main Form: Other Suppliers

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Add other suppliers that supply the same stock item.

You can link various suppliers to one stock item (e.g. same stock item sold by different suppliers).

To link the stock items, click on the Other Supplier button, then select Link Existing Items Tab. Other Suppliers


This also allows you to remove stock codes which have been created  for the same item.  Although this action was not designed for the removal of stock items, you can facilitate this function.



To bulk remove the Other Suppliers go to Supplier Lookup > Bulk Change Select


NB:  The following actions will occur.

1. If both the items had stock on hand the quantities will be merged.

2.The linked stock item will no longer be visible on your item lookup or purchase planning form.

3.A new average cost will be calculated of the merged items.

4.If you had made out invoices and or GRN's before you linked the items,  the linked item's code will still display on the invoice and GRN.

5.If the linked item was sold before you linked the items, then the newly linked items code will be changed on the Stock Turnover Form to the main items code.

6.If you delete a linked item (by right clicking on the item) from the Supplier Item Link Form (see image below), The item will be completely removed from the database.

7. The supplier item code can be the same or different. If you import your stock items via the CSV import module and the supplier item codes are the same then the items will be linked automatically.


If you want the program to select the cheapest supplier for an item (should you have linked more than one supplier),  go to the Purchase Planning Form and click on the More Button and select this option.


If you want to get a list of items which have been linked, go to your Purchase Planning Form check the checkbox "Show only stock with multiple suppliers".