Profit & Loss and Trial Balance

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Financial Statements

Go to Ledger > Statements


Levels DeepBranch GL StatementGL_Statements


1) Select the date range.

2) Select the Branch or leave blank to print a combined statement

3) Select Show Accounts with Zero Balance if you want to print all the accounts.

4) Levels Deep to Show - Reflects totals of sub categories e.g. if you adjust the number from 3 to 1 it will total all amounts in the main category (showing one amount).


Select which statement you want to display.

Trial Balance - Trial Balance Summary with beginning balances, total debits, total credits and ending balances by account.

Balance Sheet - Balance Sheet with totals for each account.

Income Statement (Profit & Loss) - Detailed Income Statement by Groups and Accounts.

Cash Flows - The Cash Flow Statement report shows the company's cash transactions (the inflows and outflows) during the given period.

Statements Over Time (See image below)

Statements over time


Summary in Grid

Use  the GL Summary - Grid/Chart button to get summary's, charts etc.