Backend Main Form

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To open the SI+ Backend please click on the icon. The SI Backend icon will only appear on the server and not on the workstations.



The following form will open.

RestoreUpdate etcRenewAttachInformationOptionsBackend_Main_Form



Backend Main Form - Description


Database Name

All the companies you have added


Will display done after the update is completed

Database Tasks

Attach Database

To attach or detach a database (company). You will only need this function if someone send you a database and you want to attach this new company. Detach if you no longer needs this company.

Backup All Now

To backup all your companies.

You can also set up multiple backup locations. Click on the Options tab.

Automatic backup. Click the Options tab

Backup files will be stored in:  C:\smartitplus_databases\backup.

Restore Backup

To restore a backup.

When you restore a company, the information that was saved in the backup will overwrite all the information in the company. This means that the company will only contain data that was made prior to the backup and any information added after the backup will be lost.

SI+ will automatically make an additional backup before the restore takes place.

The copy will be saved in C:\Smartitplus_databases\backup.


See Registering SI+

New Company Database

To add a new company. Type in the company name then click Create New Company

Update Available

If a new update is available the notification will display here. Select Download Update to install the changes. As a precaution please ask all users to log out. To force them out see Backend Information > Disconnect Database Users

Update Available

View Changes

To see the latest changes.

Right Click Menu

Right click on a company to open the context menu

Detach Database

Detach if you no longer needs a specific company.

Database Maintenance - Sweep

Use this option if your database is slow.

Because Firebird uses multi-generational architecture, every time a row is updated or deleted, Firebird keeps a

copy in the database. These copies use space in the pages and can remain in the database for some time.

In addition to taking up space in the database, these old copies can lead to increased transaction startup times

Restore Backup to this Database

Browse to the backup that you want to restore to this company.

Backup this Database - Without Images

All the images will be included in the backup.

Backup this Database - With Images

None of the images will be included in the backup.


Show scheduled tasks.


Although backups are done automatically you must still manually remove your data from the premises on a regular basis for in case of theft, fire etc.

Please setup this backup procedure in conjunction with your IT department or technical adviser and confirm that the backups are made daily and are working correctly.


How do I move my company (database) from one computer to another?

Step 1.

Backup your data. File name will be for e.g. bellville_19Aug12_17-01.bkp.7z or for e.g. Bellville_Latest.bkp depending on the method you chooses. The default backup folder is c:\smartitplus_databases>backup

Step 2.

Copy the backup to the new computer and restore it.


It is strongly recommended that you do not backup your data by means of making a copy of the actual database file itself. The database is a Client/Server database that is ANSI SQL-92 compliant. Copying the database will NOT provide you with a stable or reliable backup. You should ALWAYS use the backup procedures provided by SI+ to backup the database and then copy the resulting backup (.7z or bkp) file to your backup media.


Clearing Transactions

Sometimes you need to clear out more than just old transactions. For example, you may wish to create a new company as a copy of another company, but with all your stock items and customer info and deleting everything else.


Step 1. Backup your data.

Step 2. Restore it to the new company.

Step 3. Go to Company > Extra > Delete Form and delete the data you don't want. You will have to contact SI+ for a Day Pass to delete your data. See also Archive Data