Prestashop (Export to Webshop)

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Automating the flow of data between SI+ and the eCommerce application (PrestaShop) provides the ability to synchronise sales orders and stock items between SI+ and PrestaShop.


Step 1

Log into the PrestaShop backend, example http://www.YourShopUrl/admin_s.

Setup all your different parameters like courier costs, disclaimers, email addresses etc.


Step 2

Export your stock items from SI+ to your webshop by going to Company > PrestaShop



Prestashop Webservice API Key:

Generate the API key in the Prestashop backend and type it in the field. See instructions below. After generating the key, please click the save button.

Item To Use For Delivery Fee

Add an inventory item, example courier cost. This item will reflect the courier cost on the invoice.


This will remove all categories and stock items from PrestaShop that is no longer used In SI+

Verify Server Side

To make sure web stock levels are correct without using Full Force Update. This is the default for background sync.

Force Full Update

This will reload all data and images.

New Customer Rep/Salesperson

This salesperson will be linked automatically to all sales orders from PrestaShop

Status 2

This status will be linked to all new PrestaShop clients. Filter for the status on the Customer Extended Lookup

Sync Orders.

All new Prestashop clients will be added to SI+

All orders will be added to the Sales Order module (if the import checkbox is checked)

All Prestashop Statuses will be added to SI+

SI+ Sales Order Statuses will be exported to Prestashop as well as the waybill number. The client will automatically receive an email from Prestashop if the status change.

All new stock items will be uploaded

Background Sync Options

Set if you automatically wants to synchronise your data.


See also the Sales Order for waybill numbers as well as statuses.


Please note that the

- Prestashop Name corresponds to the SI+ Description (Description 1) on the Main Stock Form and

- Prestashop Short description = SI+ Long description on the Main Stock Form and

- Prestashop Description = SI+ Memo on the Main Stock Form.


Steps to generate the API key in Prestashop.

1) Go to http://YourWebShopUrl/admin_s

2) Click on the Advanced Parameters tab and select Webservice.

Presta Shop Webservice

Presta Shop Webservice

3) On the configuration tab, check the following boxes: See image below.





4) Click the Add New button (Right Corner on the screen)


5) Generate the key and check the resource boxes (see image below)




Remember to click the save button after you have generated the API key.


Disk usage: http://Your IP address/frontend/x3/diskusage/index.html