Frontend Upgrade Needed

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Why does this happen?

You have opened the SI+ Backend and clicked on download update, you then opened the Frontend and tried to log on before the database updates had completed.


How to fix the problem of outdated versions:

1.0 Close the Smart-IT Frontend, ensure that the updates on the Backend are completed then try log into the Frontend again.

2.0 If this still does not work, open the SI Backend and click on the 'Download Update' button. Make sure that the status bar shows that the update is completed before logging in to the program.


Should the problem persist

3.0 Click on the Information Tab and select the Manual Database Upgrade button.

4.0  Still not working, select the Options tab, click the C:\ProgramData\sibackend link     App_data_folder


Once this window has been opened, select the folder named files and run the 2 programs (siBackend_Update.exe & siFrontend_Update.exe) by opening those icons. This should rectify the problem.