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SI+ is designed to do the necessary processing in the background. To facilitate this, a number of default accounts such as control accounts must be defined.

Go to Ledger > Account Options

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General Ledger Defaults

General Ledger Defaults - Restrictions & Options

Restrictions tab

Set your date ranges here as well as your default Branch. Branches can be added under Company Add or Edit Branches.

Not allowed to post before this date. Entries will be blocked if you try to post before this date.

Not allowed to post after this date. Entries will be blocked if you try to post after this date.

This is useful if you want to make sure that employees only post between certain dates.

Lock Periods.

After you have completed your month end tasks, you should lock that period using the Lock Periods feature. This will prevent anyone from inadvertently making an entry in a period in which you don’t want new entries. To do this:

This selection places a temporary lock on the dates you select. If you need to make an entry in a locked period at a later time, you can change the date ranges.


Automatically fill new match.

See Bank Manager