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Customer Options - General Tab

Customer Options - General Tab

Please be aware that any field with a green background is a local setting, meaning that the value may vary from computer to computer.

Blue coloured fields are server settings and will apply to all of the computers.


Enable it in Customer form.

Age Analysis Method:

Select month, if you want to specify a month that is not a calendar month. Example: If you send your customer statements on, for e.g. the 25th of each month.

Example: Say today's date is the 27th of August and your Default Statement Date is the 25th, then your periods will be as follows:


Current from 26th July   - 25 August

30 days         26th June - 25 July

60 days         26th May -  25 June



Select Calendar Month if you work in calendar month's. Most companies use this option. The Default Statement Day will have no effect. When you print your age analysis, choose the last date of the month, example 31st August. All transactions bought in August will now fall under Current.


Follow-up Pop-up. Select if you wish to get a warning of any uncompleted conversations (conversations which have not as yet been followed up and or resolved).


The warning will appear on your screen as follows:


Click on the Flag to get a list of outstanding conversations


Update customer sales pipeline, only by conversation.

You can't directly change the sales pipeline status in the classification tab. The status will be set via Conversations


Credit Limit Require Address

If you give the client credit then you can force the user to fill in the address.


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