Adding a Job Card

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Jobs don't stand alone as an entity, they are attached to customers, and you can attach as many jobs to a single customer as you need to.


Go to Workshop > Lookup and select the Add New Job button or  select New Job Card on the main menu

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

Security setuptabsUnlock monitorQuick addcalendarDashboardCompanyEmployeeQuoteStock ItemsSupplierCustomerLedgerInvoiceFileAdding a job cardOptionsLabourExtraService FeedbackService Item LookupJob DetailLookupWorkshop_Menu

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Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), click to get more information.

LockTime EstimatePaymentTaxDeletePrint Detail on Job CardCredit AvailableCancelActive Job CardReady For CollectionAvailableProfitCan Be FilledAuotomatically MarkedSavePrint PreviewDepost PaidDocument NumberSMSService FeedbackTrade InReturn ButtonClear Search FilterMass InfoWarehouseSOHMU & GP%Summary BarEquipmentFreehandUnitPlus SignTermsCredit LimitService ContractVATAdditional TabQuick SellGrid ReportGross ProfitItem LookupBarcodeQuick AddSelect ContactEmployeeCash or On AccountInternalComebackChange NSIClone ItemRefresh DescriptionMove Line UpSelect PriceInsert HeadingOpen ItemDeleteDocument ImagingExtraInvoicePrint ExtraJob_Card_Add


Pro Forma Invoice can be printed from the Job Card module.

Workshop > Job Card > Print Extra tab >Pro Forma Invoice


Labour Breakdown.

If an item like Labour is marked as Labour, you can then split it between different employees. Example: Employee 1 could have worked for 30 minutes and employee 2 for 60 minutes.

You can mark labour specifically  as a labour item on the Stock Main Form, under the Additional Info Tab.

The effect of this is that you can divide the work on the job card between different employees. Example: Employee 1 could have worked for 30 minutes and employee 2 for 60 minutes.

You can also keep track of the actual minutes booked and minutes worked.


NoteHours OvertimeHours WorkedHours BookedWS_LabourBreakdown


For a summary report and detail, go to Workshop | Labour


Add an additional Line:

An Additional line can be added to the job card (right click on the row selector).

Adding a Heading Line could serve as an information line (this could relate to the product/service listed above the line), or could be used as a blank line to distinctively separate various stock groups.



You can manipulate prices by changing the markup % on each line.

The Maximum percentage indicator will change colour should the amount be lower than the allowed percentage. Set it in Workshop Options


Document images.

You can attach images by clicking on the Doc. Image button on the Main Job Card form. Images can be attached and send with an Invoice by setting it under Workshop > Options > Printing tab - Attach scanned images to email


Additional Info Tab: Click to add additional info such as internal notes, memos, status types, etc.

Equipment Tab:       Click to add service equipment.

Freehand Detail Description Tab: You can replace the job card detail line items with this freehand typed description.

Payment Tab: To add the payment detail.


Security Settings Available.


Can only view own.


View Restricted subset.  (You can't see the fields)

Job Card:                    Profit, Markup and Cost won't show.

Job Card Detail:         Average Cost won't show


Edit Restricted.  (You can see the fields but you can't edit it)

Job Card:                    Comeback of Job No.



Uncheck if an employee group is not allowed to cancel a job card.