Price Contracts

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Setting a fixed price for a product or service.

Example: you set a fixed price on certain items for Avis Fleet Services. Every time that that Avis purchased an item from any of your branches they will get the same price.


Refresh ButtonCustomer ExtraAdd NewDouble clickPrice _Contracts


Step 1: Click Add New - Give the contract a name and add all the items with their price.

Step 2: Go to the customer > financial info tab and link the price contract to the customer.


Only applicable if you use the siLink module

If you want to export the price contract (e.g. Avis Fleet Services) to your dealers or branches, check the siLink Export checkbox. The dealer will now have to link the contract to the specific customer.


Each inventory item can belong to a price list and is set in the Main Inventory Form. The items in the price contract must be linked to the correct price list.


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