Document Imaging

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Now your organisation's documents can be available anywhere, anytime with SI+ digital content management solution. Document imaging makes it easy for workers to capture, manage and share electronic content. This significantly increases staff efficiency and productivity while reducing the costs associated with paper files.


Images can be added from..

Ledger > GL Details

To add an image to a specific journal entry, click on the Add button in the Image column.

Customer Main form

You can add images from the General tab as well as the Financial Info tab

Goods Receiving Form

See the Doc.Img. button on the menu bar

Important Documents Form

Go to Company > Important Documents and select Add In the Doc/Images column.

Invoice Lookup

Go to Invoice Lookup and select Add In the Doc/Images column

Stock Item Images

Go to the Picture and Memo tab to add stock item images.

Job Card

Select Doc. Image from the menu bar.


Select Doc. Image from the menu bar.


The following form will open when you click the Images or Add button in any of the above mentioned forms


Unassociated ImagesAdd OptionsRight Click 2Right ClickDocument_Images



You can add an image by using one of the following options:

Click the File button, and browse to the image you want to add.

You can also use the Clipboard button to add an image from the clipboard.

Use the Scan button if you want to scan the image directly from your printer / scanner.


Unassociated Documents

These are documents that you have added from the scan module found under Company > Extra > Scan Documents.

The idea is that a person can scan in documents for e.g. bills that must be paid. The person who is doing the journals can then select the document from the Unassociated Document list.


Steps to follow:

Select the document from the dropdown list.

Preview the document

Select Associate to link this document to the journal entry


Right Click Menu

Optimize Scanned Document. - If you want to resize the document. If the image is very big then you can resize it so that it uploads quicker to for e.g you webshop.

You can do bulk image resizing. This is handy if you imported all your stock items and the sizes are to big. See Company > Extra > Document Image Lookup


Move Up / Down / Top - Move the image. The first (top) image is the image that is displayed in Quotes, Item Lookup etc.