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Debit Order Collections. This is a simple and efficient way to collect money from you customers.

Go to Ledger > Extra > EFT Export

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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EFT Processing for Accounts Payable from your customers via direct debit. Automatically creates EFT files required by banks.

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Step 1

Fill in all the fields.


Step 2



Age Analysis: Data is retrieved from the age analysis.  The debit order must be checked and the Banking details must be filled in.

Recurring invoices: Data is retrieved from the recurring invoices. Debit order must be selected and banking details correct.

Age Analysis No Checks: Data is retrieved from the age analysis but no checks are performed. All amounts from the age analysis is transferred. Farm shops, where agreements between the farmer and shop owner exists to deduct the money from their salaries, uses this option. If you use this option you must not click the Export File button, just check the Completed button and click the Process button.

Once processed, a journal will be automatically written to reflect this amount as paid on the customer statement.


Remember you can right-click on the row selector to delete or to change the amounts. You can also change the amount per hand.


Step 3

When the file is populated click on Export File. This file you must import into Sage Pay. This batch will now be marked as completed.


Step 4

Click on Process.  

The following journal entry will be made. Debit the bank and credit the debtor's control.


You can also go to Customer > Customer Detail to get a list of EFT's. Filter the form for EFT by typing EFT in the blue filter box





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