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Stock-taking or inventory checking is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock valuation. It is also the source of stock discrepancy information.

Stock-taking may be performed as an intensive annual check or may be done continuously by means of a cycle count.


Go to Stock Items > Stock Take and select between Regular Stock Take and Instant Stock Take


Instant Stock TakeRegular Stock TakeStock_Take_Menu


Bin LocationWarehouseDescriptionStock_Take_Regular_Create

Consignment items will be ignored.


Note - You can also create a stock take directly from the Extended Lookup Form


Step 1

Click on Create New Stock Take. (see image above)

SI+ makes a copy of the theoretical quantities on hand at this point in time. The system does not "freeze or lock down" a product included on a Physical Inventory Worksheet. If, subsequent inventory movements for an stock item occur, make sure they are factored into any count adjustments.

Step 2

Select the Stock Take Report to Process tab. (See image below)

Step 3

Click on the Print Button to print the stock count sheet. Please make use of the item options, sorting options etc. to suite your needs.

You now count your actual quantities before you move any items physically into or out of the store. Once the count is complete, you can continue processing as normal.




Step 4

You now need to get the physical quantities into SI+. You do this either by entering the quantities from the count sheets you printed, or by importing the quantities via CSV files.

Double click on the stock take you want to process. The following form will open.


If you want to see previously processed stock takes, select Processed and double click on the stock take you want to open.

You can also get a list of adjusted items in the Stock Detail Lookup form. Filter in the Module column for STAKE.


Set Counted to ZeroImport CountedShow DifferencesDelete BatchStock Adjustment AccountPrintSummary BarSearch RowClear FilterSaveQuantity DifferencePostUnitStock_Take_Process


If you want to see additional columns, right-click on a header, select Column Chooser and drag the columns to the header.


No selling must take place between the time the stock lists were printed and counted.

Selling can continue after all stock was counted. The stock take entries can be made later because it does not matter what the new  in stock value is when processing takes place.



Inventory Value.

Note - If you want a total inventory value (stock value), Select the Cost Price and Only where On Hand not 0. Each items' extended cost price (Qty * Cost Price) will be displayed as well as the total stock value on the last page.

Note that the stock value is only for this specific warehouse. If you want a global value, use the extended item lookup.

See also stock value at date.


If you want a value per Stock Group, Check the Group By Stock Group checkbox on the Stock Take form.


Opening Quantities.

You can also use this form to scan in your opening quantities. Please note you can't put in your average cost values on this form.

Remember to change the general ledger account from Stock Adjustment to an Opening Balance Account.

Use the stock adjustment form to add average cost values or you can import your average cost and inventory items from the CSV Import form. Go to Stock | Stock Extra | CSV Import / Export

For complete details see Taking on Inventory Balances


See also stock value reconciliation.

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