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Warehousing enables you to keep track of stock movements and quantities on hand through various warehouse locations.


The Warehousing module can be used to control inventory items in various ways. For example, items issued to agents and salespeople or items issued for demonstration purposes.

For example, to control items issued to salespeople, you could create each salesperson as a "Warehouse" and inventory issued to that person would be allocated (transferred) to that salesperson's Warehouse. In this way one can see exactly how much stock each salesperson is carrying.


Step 1. Create all your warehouses, go to Stock > Stock Extra > Warehouses. A Master Warehouse is always created by default.


Step 2. Go to Transfer Order Lookup and click the New Warehouse Transfer Order.

             Ensure that the sending, receiving and In Transit Warehouses are correctly selected.

Step 3.  Add the stock and send


Step 4. The receiving branch then receives the stock on the Transfer Order. Click the Receive button.



On the Job Card, Invoice, Credit Note, GRN and RTS forms there is a column to select from which Warehouse the stock must come.


To automate this process.

1 Create different branches. (Go to Company > Add or Edit Branches)

2 Link a warehouse to a branch.

3 Link the employee to a branch on the Main Employee Form.

4 You can also link a customer to a specific warehouse. Open the Customer Main Form, select the Financial Info Tab and select the warehouse you want to link to the customer. Customer Warehouse will override the employee default warehouse.


The multi-warehouse that is linked to that specific employee via the Branch will then automatically be selected on the invoice and job card.


On the Stock Take form you can select which warehouse you want to count.

On the Item Lookup form you can right click on an item to see the different warehouse levels.

On the Stock Adjustment form you can select the warehouse from where to adjust.

On the Stock Detail form you can see the movement between the warehouses. In the Mod(ule) column, filter for STO