Gift Cards & Promotional Vouchers.

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A Gift card is sold by retailers to be used as an alternative to a non-monetary gift and Promotional Vouchers is an entitlement to a discount, up to the amount stated.

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Gift card set-up.

Step 1.

In the GL Accounts Setup add an account with the name Gift Card Control and account type Liability Current

The Gift Card Control Account will show the amount of the outstanding gift cards.


Step 2.

Add a Stock Group with the name Gift Card. The Cost and Sales Account must be the General Ledger account, Gift Card Control that you created in Step 1.




Step 3.

Add a stock item with name, for example Gift Card.

On the Additional Info Tab

 * set the VAT to Not Applicable and

 * select the Gift Voucher checkbox (this will ensure that if you sell the card that the program will ask for the Gift Card number). See below.

 * also select the Service Item checkbox.


Gift Card Number.

Pre-print the Gift Cards using unique numbering on each card.

When a gift card is added to an invoice, an exclamation mark will appear in the row selector, drawing your attention to the fact that you must click on the plus (+) sign next to the row selector to enter the gift card's number which has been printed on the card.


Gift Card Number


When you sell the Gift Card the journal entries will be as follows:

Debit the Cash Control (if customer paid cash) and Credit the Gift Card account.


When the client uses the gift card for items bought, input the gift card number on the invoice payment tab as well as the amount.

When doing the Daily Cash Up (Process Daily Close) ensure the Gift Card amount is posted to the Gift Card Control Account. When a General Ledger Enquiry on the Gift Card Control account is made, the outstanding amount will be the amount of the outstanding gift cards

Gift Voucher Look-up.


Use the look-up to get a list of all Gift Cards sold and outstanding amounts. Please note that the Promotional Vouchers as well as the Gift Cards will be displayed here.

Go to Invoice > Voucher & Gift Cards

Bulk VouchersClearRefreshInvoice_Gift_Card_Lookup


Promotional vouchers.

Add a General Ledger Account, for example Advertisements>Vouchers, now go to Account Options >Account Defaults and select your default Promo Voucher account.

If someone pays with a voucher, this default account will be debited.


Go to Invoice > Gift Cards

Fill in the amount and expiry date of the voucher.

Select the Create Promo Voucher button (See image above).

A voucher number will now be generated and will appear under the Voucher Lookup. It will be marked as, Is Promotional. See image above.

This voucher no. can be given to a customer that can be used to buy goods with.

Print the voucher or gift card using a card printer.


When the customer buys something you can type the voucher no. in on the Invoice Payment tab. The balance on the card will be displayed.



You can also create promotional vouchers for a group of customers and send it via SMS to the customers.

For loyalty cards go to Add New Customer | Loyalty