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Go to SI+ Backend and select the Information tab.


For more information, click on the different buttons

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Shared vs Dedicated.

The difference in normal operations like posting invoices and lookups is small but Dedicated is much faster when doing recalc suggested and stock levels. Dedicated should also be faster if you have many people working at once. Please note that dedicated mode uses much more RAM and CPU.


Some numbers to compare between the Shared mode and Dedicated mode.
Measurements were taken on database with 35 659 items with 7 years of transactions.
   - Purchase planning Calculate Suggested & Avg. Sales
        ○ Shared: 21m 38s
        ○ Dedicated: 6m 25s

    - Company > Data Health...>  Recalculate stock levels
        ○ Shared: 30m 56s
        ○ Dedicated: 6m 58s

    - Stock Ext Lookup
        ○ Shared: 5.40 s
        ○ Dedicated: 5.48 s