Additional Info

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Go to Stock Main Form > Additional Info Tab.

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

PictureSell Whole Quantity OnlyPrint Price on LabelExclude from ShippingSeasonalQuick Sell (Jobcard)Quick Sell InvoiceCommisionSerial No trackingLot TrackingFeatured On the WebOn Sale CheckboxVariable Price CheckboxWeb CheckboxConsignmentPictureIs DiscountTrade InGift VoucherRecipe ItemBOMLabourService ItemNon Stock ItemGrey GearPrice ListMass InfoVATBest Before DaysSales Set CountConditionColour and ModelWebAttributesComponentCost and selling tabGeneralStock_Main_Additional


Item Settings



All items checked can be uploaded to the SI+ webshop

On Sale

For Items on sale on the Web

Featured on web

Will be displayed on the home page of the webshop.

Lot Tracking

If Item is received in containers and assigned lots

Serial No. Tracking

To keep track of Serial Numbers.  See Serial No. Tracking


Goods bought from supplier on consignment


Used as a filter in the Stock Turnover report.

Sell Whole Quantity Only

Disallow decimal quantities. Set default in Stock Options > New Item Defaults

Variable Price

Price editing on the invoice will be allowed for this item even if Allow Price Changes is not allowed on the Invoice Options Form. This is a handy feature if you want to change your labour rate on the invoice but not the rest of the items prices.

Quick Sell Invoice

Marks your items as quick sell for items sold often. See also Invoice

Quick Sell Job Card

Marks your items as quick sell for items used frequently on job cards


Will be displayed on Web when an item is ordered - e.g No Stock or Supplier has stock


Check if this is a seasonal item.

Exclude from Shipping cost Allocation

Used if you add shipping costs to your GRV, it will not be added when using this item

Print price on label:

Check if you want to print the items price on the label.