Security Setup

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Watch the video: Employee and Security Settings - Tutorial

Restrict user access to individual forms, reports, lists and activities in SI+.

Security setup works in conjunction with Security Groups.

You can set permissions per employee group (set security groups in Employee > Security Groups) per form.


See also at bottom of page: Can't Set Permissions


1 Open the form you want to set permissions for, e.g. Invoice Lookup form.


2 Click on the lock button (icon) situated at the top of the screen. See image below.

Security Setup GeneralOpen HelpTabsUnlock MonitorQuick AddCalendarDashboardQuick_Access_Menu

3 The Security Setup form will now open.

4 Select the employee group for which you want to set the permissions

5 Select your actions.

6 Click on Set Permissions button.

Quick SetPermisiionsEdit checkboxDeleteLimited EditLimited ViewCan only view ownSecurity Log
General Security Setup Form

General setup Security Form


Please note that all the options are not available on all the forms.

See the list of what you can set on all of the forms - at the bottom of the page.




Can only view own

If selected then the employee can only view data that he has put in.

Limited View (restricted subset).

If selected then certain buttons and options will be hidden for the selected employee group.

Limited Edit

See below for a list of forms and buttons where the edit function in total or for certain fields are disabled.

Edit Checkbox

If the Edit box is deselected then you won't be able to edit the form


This can differ from form to form

Quick Set Permissions

Use it if you do not want to set it one by one


List of forms available for each setting.


Can only view own - Forms where it is used.

Customer conversations

Customer Lookup

Customer Extended Lookup

Job cards

Job card labour Lookup

Stock Turnover


Limited View.  (You can't see certain fields) - Currently available for:



Age Analysis

Bulk Communication Buttons won't show.

Cash Journal Lookup

Show Completed Buttons are removed. This will prevent employees to reverse a transaction.

Customer Detail

Print Button, Credit and Debit Summaries won't show.

Cash Up Daily Form

Totals won't show

Customer Lookup

The Bulk Changes Tab won't show

Customer Extended Lookup

Change Selected Tab, Print and Print Labels won't show.

Employee Form

Personal tab and Deductions & Earnings tab won't show.

Invoice Look-up

Print, Email Buttons and Summary Totals won't show.

Invoice Recurring

Print Button and Total won't show.

Job Card

Profit, mark-up, Cost, GP% and Delete Button won't show and you can't delete Job Lines.

Credit Available and Credit Limit won't show.

Job Card Labour Lookup

Summary tab: Total Exclusive and Total Inclusive won't show.

Job Card Detail

Average Cost won't show.

Purchase Order Form

Delete Button won't show.

Purchase Planning Form

Print Button won't show.


The Profit, GP% and mark-up won't display for the selected employee group.

Stock Detail

Print Button and Summary Totals won't show.

Stock Master

Cost price, Supplier List Price and Supplier won't show.

Stock Lookup

Supplier and Print Button won't show.

Stock Lookup Extended

The Global Changes Tabs and the Print Button won't show.

Stock Lookup on the Invoice & Quotations

Set it under Invoice > Invoice Options > Miscellaneous Tab. The Price Columns will be removed

Stock Turnover

Can't see Profit, Cost, Markup, Print Button, Rep Report and Analysis Page.

Process Stock Take

Only the counted column will display. The Process Button is also unavailable.

Sales Order

Can't see the Cost Price.

Tax Report

Process and Delete Button won't show.


Limited Edit. (You can see the fields but you can't edit it) - Currently available for:



Age Analysis

Can't double click the 180 days column to automatically remove amounts.


Can't edit Total Discount %, Discount Amount  and the Sales Representative.

Invoice Touch

Can't edit Total Discount, Employee and Reset Button.

Can set permissions for Sales On Account

Credit Note

Can't edit prices & employee


Fields like Active, Cash client, Suspended, VAT type, Credit limit, Discount, Interest, Representative, Account Manager, Date Account Opened, Prices and Discounts will display, but you won't be able to edit the fields.

If the Employee code whom is logged in differs from the Representative code then the Conversations Tab won't be visible to that employee logged in at that time, however will be visible to the Representative/Sales person responsible for that account.

The customer name and code can't be changed.

Customer Lookup

Disable Bulk / Global changes

Goods Receiving

Can't change the employee.

Employee Form

Can't edit the Password and Security Group

Job Card - Comeback

Can't edit Comeback of Job No, Employee/Rep, and Main Technician

Job Card - Date Completed

Can't edit Date Completed, Employee, Technician

Job Card - Invoice

Invoice button is disabled


Can't close the invoice by clicking on the X (close button)

Discount %, Representative and the Cancel Invoice buttons are disabled.


Options & Account. Defaults.


Can't change the salesperson.

Stock Lookup - Extended

Disable Bulk / Global / Price changes

Stock Master

Supplier List Price.

Stock Take

Print button is disabled.

Supplier Reconciliation

You can't change the reconciliation status as well as the Strict Reconciliation Mode.

Purchase Order Form

Delete button will be disabled.

Can't change the employee.

Can't change the order quantity if ordered.

Can't add items after the order is completed.

Tax Report

Delete Button won't show.


Edit checkbox. (De-select if you do not want to edit the form) - Currently available for:


Bank Reconciliation

Customer Form

Customer Options

Employee Form - Personal tab and the Leave tab

Invoice Options

Invoice - If you de-select edit on the security form then you can't cancel or delete lines without a 'Supervisors' permission.  Any person who belongs to a security group where the edit box is checked.

Invoice - You can also block Sell On Account and Returns - Use the permissions in the Security Setup

Sales Order Allocation Form

Job Card

Serial Number Look-up.

Stock Master.

Supplier Reconciliation


Can Delete



Job Card

Cancel and row delete is disabled

Employee Form






Invoice Lookup Form

Show all branches - deselect, this will restrict the users from seeing all branches. They will only be able to see the Stock Turnover for the branch that is set as their default branch.

Stock Adjustments

Block Cost Price Changes

Stock Turnover

Show all branches - deselect, this will restrict the users from seeing all branches. They will only be able to see the Stock Turnover for the branch that is set as their default branch.


Why can't I set permissions for forms like Town, Suburb, Province etc.

If you open the Town Form from the Customer Form you won't be able to set permissions, you must open the forms from the Table Maintenance Form. Go to Company > Extra > Table Maintenance


List of security settings that must be set separately.

Set security for Stock Attributes - Set in the Stock Items > Stock Options form

Set security for Quick Add Item - Set in the Stock Items > Options form

Set security for Invoice Stock Lookup - Invoice>Invoice Options>Miscellaneous tab.

Set security for Touch Invoice - Invoice>Invoice Options>Miscellaneous tab

Set security for SMS/Text Templates - Customer > Customer Options and select the Customer Options tab

Set security for Quick Add Customer - Customer > Customer Options and select the Customer Options tab


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