Preset Grid Reports

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Wizard Driven Inquiries.

Generate multilevel reports with the grid report facility.

The Grid Report is another reporting tool that you can use to organize and present data from the accounting system. You can display lists of records from a specific category. You can apply search criteria to limit results to only the records of interest. You can determine which columns should be displayed, as well as the order of the columns. After you've set up a Grid Report, you can add it as a Grid Report for future use, so that it can easily be rerun. The search results can be exported to Excel or Word. These features make the GRID Report an excellent tool for creating ad hoc reports.


Reports in Microsoft Office Excel.

Reports can be displayed in Excel for easy manipulation, integration, and enhanced presentation.



Decide how much detail you need to view throughout all the Lookups.


Some of the reports you can get from the different Lookup and Detail forms.

All reports can be tailor made for your specific needs.


For a list of some of the preset reports go to Company > Reports & Options.


Note that you can set up your own reports using the grid reports.


General Ledger

1.0 General Ledger Detail.

You can select a general ledger account and a year to view information about the account.                


SI+ provides an audit trail record so that you can trace a transaction from any point within the system back to the location where it was originally entered. After you've entered a transaction, you can trace it from its originating point in SI+ to the actual source document.

1.0 Trial Balance

2.0 Income statement

3.0 Summaries and Charts

4.0 Tax Reports

5.0 Audit trial


Customer Reports

In the Customer Lookup there is more than 20 fields to choose from, such as Active Clients, Suspended, Cash, Last Visited etc.


Customer Extended Lookup

More than 30 fields to select from.

Accounts opened today.

Accounts opened this week.

Accounts opened this month.

Loyalty cards that expire this month.

Customers with loyalty points.

Customers who bought something this month.

Customers who did not buy anything this month.

Customers who did not buy anything this year.


Customer Detail

Interest charged this month.

All debit orders for this month.


Customer enquiries - All partly paid invoices.

Customer age analysis.


Invoice Lookup Reports

1.0 Compare Cash Sales against On Account sales.

2.0 Compare Sales per Salesperson.                                                                  

3.0 Discount per salesperson. (Usage - See which rep is giving the most discount - is his sales higher than the salespersons that give less discount?).

4.0 Sales per customer per date.

5.0 Sales per customer (Totals Only).

6.0 Affect of Discount on Sales.    

7.0 All today's invoices (or week, month etc.).

8.0 All invoices that originated from quotes or job cards.

9.0 All invoices not mailed this month..

10.0 All unpaid invoices.

11.0 All invoices where discount higher than a certain %.


Stock Lookup

Displays your items , units on hand, on sales order, on purchase order suppliers, current selling price and much more.

1.0 Show all stock items where stock on hand is negative.

2.0 All stock levels and availability | SOH | Available | Reserved | Prices | ETA


Stock Turnover Reports

All reports can be changed to suite your needs. More than 20 fields to choose from.

Where the selling price differs from price 10, the normal selling price.

All items that was sold below cost.

Turnover, Profit, Markup % per Stock Group

Turnover, Profit, Markup % and Ave Mu %  per Employee

Turnover, Profit, Markup % and Ave Mu %  per Date

Sales per Salesperson (Rep.) per Stock Group

Markup per Salesperson

Markup per Stock Group

Markup per Customer Group

Markup per item.

Items sold.

Show only labour or service items.


Stock Detail

Debits and credits per module, e.g. No. of  invoices, No. of Credit Notes etc plus values

Items Sold.

Items Bought.

All stock adjustments made today (this week, this month etc.)

All purchases.

All purchases with VAT.

All purchases without VAT.

Purchases per supplier.


Extended Stock Lookup

Displays your items, supplier, units on hand, value of items and current selling price.

Get among others, data on dates and stock ages, such as Date Last Sold, Date Last Bought, Stock Values , Days since last sold etc.  – more than 40 fields to select from.


Items that did not sell in the last 60 days. Slow movers.

Inventory valuation.

Inventory value per stock group and number of items on hand.


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