Print Price List and/or Order form

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Go to Stock > Stock Extra > Print price list and/or Order form

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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Usage: 1) To print a specific price list.

             2) To export a specific price list to an Excel Order Form.

                  You can email the Excel order form to your clients, who can fill it in, email it back to you and you can import it directly into a sales order.


1) Link an item to a price list. This you can do on the Main Inventory Form > Additional Info tab (See image below)



Once you have linked your items to a price list you can either print a price list or export it to an Excel Order Form.


Go to Stock > Stock Extra > Print price list and/or Order form. The following form will open.

Grey GearStock_Price_List




Description of the field

Select the price list you want to print

Change selected label

If you want to change the name of the Label for the List

Price Level

Which Price Level you would like to Print/Export

Print Selected

Print the selected price list

Export Stock Levels

If the client/dealer must see how much stock you have.

Export Prices

If the client/dealer must see the items price

Export Price Inclusive

Toggle between Inclusive or Exclusive


Click on the Export to Excel Order Form button.

The data will be exported to an Excel file and the following image will pop up, telling you the name and location of the file.


Export order form


You can now email the file to the client / dealer who can fill it in and email it back to you.


After you have received the filled in order you can go to Quote/Sales Order > New Sales Order and click on Extra > Import From Excel (See image below)



Select the returned Price List/Order form from the customer in the browse for file box, then select the matching columns in the Column in CSV –i.e. Item code (which is pulled from the CSV form)




Click to Import and your sales order is created.



If you want to print the item images on the price list go to Stock > Stock Options > Printing and you can design your own price list that can include images.