Network Installation

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If you are on a network, and more than one computer is required to use the program at the same time, you would need to purchase a multi-user license. Up to 150 users depending on which version has been purchased.


If all the client machines (workstations / frontend(s)) are able to see the server you don't have to do anything else.

The client machines (workstations/frontend(s)) will pick up the program automatically, as long as the SI+ BackEnd is running on the server.

You don't have to share folders etc. like in most other programs.

Follow the instructions as described in the previous installation chapter.

In a client/server configuration, the file server contains the SI+ Database Server Manager components and stores the company database file that other workstations/frontend(s) can access. The SI+ application (frontend) must be installed on each computer using the program, in order for them to perform operations and request data from the file server.


In a terminal server configuration, the terminal server contains the SI+ database components, stores the company file, and runs the SI+ application. The terminal users have access to the SI+ application on the terminal server.


Database files are stored in smartitplus_database folder.


Multiple Instances

This feature gives you the ability to have many SI+ company files open at the same time, making it easier to multitask.

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