Cash Up Breakdown

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It will depend on whether you selected Focused Row (1 till at a time) or All Combined on the previous form.

The idea of the float breakdown is that you can first count out the float that you want to use for the next day


I.E x10 – R5, x5 – R10, x5 – R20, etc. and then you will count the rest of your money with the normal cash breakdown.


The cash breakdown and the float breakdown will be counted together to give you a counted total.

*Please note – you do not have to use the float breakdown option.


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Credit Card / Debit Card / Bank/EFT & Other Card Breakdown

Let us start with the Credit Card Breakdown as an example as all 3 other methods will use exactly the same method.

Under Credit Card breakdown type in the number of card transactions in the Qty box or the + sign to add a card transaction.

You can now type in the amount of that transaction and repeat the adding process until you have captured all the transactions.

You will notice that the Credit Card Column also auto sums these transactions.

The reason for this method is that you can physically count your credit/debit card slips to make sure that you do not make a mistake.

You do not have to use this method. You can still insert your credit/debit card amount directly into the credit/debit card box.

Once you have completed all the desired breakdowns and are happy with the totals you can click on the Done / Save button.