PO Lookup & Detail

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To see a list of Pending Orders (Not Ordered), Ordered (Not Received), Partially Arrived or Arrived (Completed) Purchase Orders

Go to Stock Items > PO Lookup.


Summary BarCheckBoxSearch RowETAEdit FilterGrid ReportOrder NoPrintClearRefreshPendingPurchase_Order_Lookup


To open an order double click the Order no. in the first column and to convert an order to a Goods Received Note (GRN)  (also known as Supplier Invoice) click in the second column on the date. You can also right click on the row and then select GRN this Order or Show Edit Order if you want to edit or display the order,


Purchase Order Detail.

To see a list of the individual items and on which Order it is, go to Stock > PO Lookup and select Purchase Order Detail Lookup. (See image below)


Purchase Order Detail