Import an Invoice/GRN

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How to export an invoice.

If you are a distributor you can export your invoices, email it to the dealer and the dealer can import your invoice as a GRN


Go to Invoice > Invoice Lookup (see also Export/Import a GRN)


Right click on the invoice you want to export and click on Export.

The invoice will be exported to C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Smart-It.  The name of the file will be, for e.g. INV_99.sie where 99 the invoice number is.

The dealer (company who import) must use the distributors stock code as his supplier stock code.


How to import a GRN or Invoice created by SI directly into a new invoice.

Go to Invoice > Extra >Import Invoice/Goods Received Note

When you click on 'Import invoice/GRN' the folder where the Invoices and GRN's are located will open and you can select the Invoice or GRN you want to import.


Scenario where you will find a need to convert a GRN to an Invoice.

Say you are buying goods for a related company (maybe they don't have direct access to your distributor) then you can convert the GRN to an invoice and send the invoice to the related company. The related company can then convert the invoice that will reflect the original cost to a GRN.