Return to Supplier (RTS)

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This function is used when you return faulty or incorrect goods completely or in part to your supplier.  A return to the supplier (RTS) is generated, thereby debiting your supplier's account. If the returned goods have been invoiced or a purchase order was processed for them, then you may create a credit note from these documents.

The system will always adjust the supplier’s account and remove the items from stock when creating a return to supplier (RTS).


If you want to convert a GRN (Goods Received Note) to a RTS, go to Stock Items > GRN Lookup, right-click on the GRN you want to return to the supplier, and click on RTS items from this GRN.

Or you can go to Stock Items > New RTS and do it manually.

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The Return To Supplier form will open.

Document NumberDocument Numberreturn to Supplier No.Summary BarDeleteDocument ImagePrint DocumentBarcode InvoiceItem LookupGridDelete All QTY 0Delete this linePendingOpen ItemDelete All QtyDelete this lineSend To SupplierGoods Received BackCourierProcessLetter AloneSaveRTS


Remember you can't return more stock to the supplier than the quantity you have on hand. To override this you can go to stock items > stock options and select, allow negative stock.


Fill in the quantity you want to return in the Qty. column. Please delete all the items that you don't want to return, right-click on the row selector and select: Delete all Qty = Zero/0 lines

If you do not remove all the zero lines then you will get the error Quantity 0/Zero


Process: (Send TO Supplier) will create a debit transaction on your supplier's account. The system will adjust your supplier's account and remove the items from stock. The Send to Supplier checkbox will automatically be ticked and the Process button will be greyed out


Save: will save the transactions without processing it.


Letter Alone: If you send goods back which must not effect your stock, check this box. E.g.  A customer returns items which are still under guarantee, and you only handle the return for him, he would require a manner in which to keep track of the goods.


Courier Cost: This is the amount you are going to pay the courier for returning the items to the supplier.

You can set the default contra account under Ledger Options & Account Defaults click on the Account Defaults tab and then select the contra account to post to in the RTS Expense field.

The journal entry will be debited for e.g. Courier Costs and Credit the Supplier Control.


Goods Received Back: Check this box if the faulty goods have been received (be it a repair or swop out or credit from the supplier).


Send to Supplier: On processing the RTS, this box will automatically be checked.


Please click on the extra tab if you want to store additional info like GRN and Job No.

If there are serial numbers involved and swop outs go to Serial Number Tracking

In the program please hover your mouse over the fields to get help.












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