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Go to System > Import From Smart-It Access


Step 1

Add a new Company.  ( See the Chapter Backend & Updates) Click on the SI icon in the in-tray and add the company.


Step 2.

Open the SI+ program. Click the icon on the desktop to open the program and select the company you have just created.


Step 3.

Go to: System | Delete Form

You will now have to contact(email or phone Reinhard on 0728078088) to get a day pass to delete your data.

Select All and click on delete.


Step 4.

Go to: System | Import from Smart-It Access.

           Select the database to import. Usually it's name is Smart_be.mdb in the Smartit Folder.

           Click on both the Select All buttons then on the Import button.


Before the import.

Check that the Debtors Control and Age Analysis balances are the same

Check that the Creditors Control and Creditor Age Analysis balances are the same.

Check that the Stock Control and Stock Values are the same.


After the import you must check the following.

Compare the customer age analysis between the previous program and SI+.

Compare the supplier age analysis between the previous program and SI+.

Compare the Trial Balance and Income Statement

Compare the Stock Value.

Check the bank reconciliation.

Print out the above on both systems and keep it for record purposes.


Check that the Stock Groups imported correct.

Check the GL Accounts Setup. Make sure the Account Type and Default VAT for each account is correct.

The VAT type for all expense accounts are imported as Input Tax. Change all expense accounts like Salaries to Not Applicable.

Do the VAT. (See Chapter General Ledger > VAT)


The following data are not imported:


Job Cards

Credit Notes

Stock Detail