Use this option if you want to round (up or down) all the inclusive prices in your database.


Go to Stock > Stock Options and click on the Pricing tab

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Once you have Selected all the amounts for the Rounding Rules - select Recalculate Prices Now.

Remember - if you want to round down, use negative numbers.


In the above example, the Upper Threshold of 5 and rounding of 0.05 means that all inventory items with a price between 0 and 5 will be rounded to the nearest 5 cent.

The next upper threshold of 100 and rounding 0.5 means that all inventory items with a price between 5.01 and 100 will be rounded to the nearest 50 cent.


If you don't want to round all the prices in the database, but only during invoicing then you can set it under Invoice > Invoice Options and ignore this form.


Example of calculations - Always Use Inclusive Prices


Mu %

Exclusive selling price

VAT @ 15%


Rounded Up

Exclusive price






28.00 (Price customer will pay)

28 - (28x15/115) = 24.35

Example of calculations - Round exclusive price


MU %

Exclusive selling price

Rounded UP








28.75 (Price customer will pay)

Round exclusive prices will normally only be used for example in business to business transactions where it is important to use rounded exclusive prices.


Special as line discount %

Instead of printing the special price on the invoice, the original price will be used and the special price will be shown as a discount.


Volume Discount: Use each quantity.

For example, If you use volume discounts and the discount is set that if you sell 5 or more beers a discount of 15% can be given. If you now sell a six pack (6 beers), no discount is given unless you have checked the 'Volume Discount: Use each quantity' option.


Low Stock level for pricing.

Set the stock level number.

This option will come into play if you had selected the Pricing Method as 'If low stock USE supplier list ELSE avg. cost' in the Cost and Selling Prices tab.