Pricing Options

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Use this option if you want to round (up or down) all the inclusive prices in your database.


Go to Stock > Stock Options and click on the Pricing tab


Price Rounding

Once you have Selected all the amounts for the Rounding Rules - select "Recalc" Prices Now.

Remember - if you want to round down, use negative numbers. See the information on the form.


In the above example, the Upper Threshold of 5 and rounding of 0.05 means that all inventory items with a price between 0 and 5 will be rounded to the nearest 5 cent.

The next upper threshold of 100 and rounding 0.5 means that all inventory items with a price between 5.01 and 100 will be rounded to the nearest 50 cent.


If you don't want to round all the prices in the database, but only during invoicing then you can set it under Invoice > Invoice Options and ignore this form.


Note. The rounding does not effect the exclusive price, only the inclusive price - reason, if the exclusive price were changed then you will get a creeping price effect every time you run the module.


Always use Inclusive Prices:

This must be checked if you used the Rounding on this form. If you make out an invoice and, if not checked then SI+ will take the exclusive price and add the VAT to it.

Take the following extreme case. The item cost R18.00 and your mark-up is 150%, your exclusive selling price is thus R45.00 and your inclusive price is R45 + 14% Tax = R51.30. You now round it to the nearest R10. The inclusive price will now be R60.00. On your Main Stock Form the exclusive item price will remain at R45.00 but the inclusive price will now be R60.00

If Always use Inclusive Prices is checked then the inclusive price will be used on the invoice. If not checked then the exclusive price of R45.00 will be used and 14% Vat will be added giving you R51.30 instead of the R60.00.