Stock Turnover

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Know exactly how much money you are making - line-by-line in real time.

Calculates the gross profit, cost, Markup % etc.


Go to Stock Items > Stock Turnover

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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Click on the Analysis Tab for summary's and graphs.


How the Markup % is calculated.

Get it in Stock | Stock Turnover | Pivot Grid Tab


                         Turnover    Cost    Profit        MU

Item 1                  500           400    100           25%

Item 2                  300           100    200          200%


Total                    800            500    300          60%

The 60% (MU%) is thus calculated by dividing the cost into the profit * 100 (300/500*100 = 60%)


Fix Zero Cost.

Go to, Stock Turnover > Extra > Fix Zero Cost

Problem to fix: There is no cost price in the Stock Turnover form, thus the profit is 100%.

This problem can occur if the invoices were made out and there was no Average Cost Price or Supplier List price in the Main Inventory form. Reason: maybe the item was sold before the GRN was processed.


How to correct: Zero Cost

Step 1

Make sure that there is a Supplier List Price or Average Cost Price in the Main Inventory form. Select the Cost of Sales/ Valuation Method that you want to use. E.g if you want to use the Average Cost Price, select Average Cost as the valuation method.


To see a list of items that will be affected, go to the item lookup -  filter for cost = 0. Right click on item, select open inventory form and make sure that there is a cost price and that the valuation method is correct.

Step 2

Make a backup of your data.

Step 3

3.1 Go to the Stock Turnover form

3.2 Select the date range

3.3 Select the Extra button on the menu and then Fix Zero Cost

Step 4

Check that everything is correct

The Cost price will be changed in the Cost Column.

An adjustment journal will be made. Entries will be: Debit Cost of Sales And Credit Stock.

Step 5

Change the COST of Sales /Valuation Method back to what you want.


For a summary of the data, select the analysis tab.