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Can't install .Net Framework.

Can see server but can't connect or network error.


Small Business Server 2003

Operation has timed out.


Remember that in most instances it is sufficient to restart the computer and try the operation again.


Can't install .Net Framework 4

Download the fix from


I can see the server but can't connect to the server or if you get a network error.

The reason is your firewall do not allow the connection to the server.

Test it by turning the firewall off.




Next go to “ allow a program or feature through windows firewall “

You must allow Smart-it and Firebird through. See images below. Remember to click on graphic

Windows Firewall

Location of the files:

C:\Program Files\Smart-It+ 2.0\Backend\BackendService.exe

C:\Program Files\Smart-It+ 2.0\Backend\dbserver\bin\fb_inet_server.exe

C:\Program Files\Smart-It+ 2.0\Backend\dbserver\bin\fbserver.exe


Ports used:

TCP: 55503, 55504 UDP: 55502



Firewall or anti-virus software may show alert dialogues related to this installation. Please allow any Smart-It programs to proceed if you see one of these alerts by selecting an option such as:


- Yes

- Allow

- Permit


Some configurations may require that you adjust settings in these firewall and anti virus products to ensure the best possible performance with SI+.

Configure your firewalls so that they do not interfere with SI+. An incorrectly-configured firewall can stop SI+ from working.


Network Error

Make sure that your Firewall give access to Smart-It.

Try typing in localhost in place of the server name.


Small Business Server 2003  -- SBS 2003

Please make sure that you have installed service pack 2 for business server 2003 otherwise .Net Framework 4 won't install


When I try to login to the Server, it searches and then says, the Operation has timed out.

or you get a message that says: Unable to complete network request.

This problem can manifest itself when the internet goes down.


First try to login again, sometimes the connections are just slow.


Disable your anti-virus program. If SI+ works after disabling the anti-virus program then you know that the problem is with your anti-virus firewall settings.

Remember to check your firewall settings first.




If you want to send a big file like your database to us, you can FTP it.

Username: siclient

Password: 2880176c


Steps to follow.

1. Copy the file you want to send.

2 Open My Computer.

  In the address field type in

  Type in the username and password.

  Paste the file.


EHLO error when you try to send an email.



To fix: Your computer name is not allowed to have an underscore in it. For example if your computer name is home_pc then you will get the error. Change the name to home-pc.