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Go to Customer > Conversations Lookup


Make notes about your discussions / follow up, with whom and compile a daily report on who you should follow up. Get statistics about the follow-ups per employee etc.


Aim of the sales pipeline. To get an overview of the sales pipeline go to Customer > Extra > Sales Pipeline Overview

Number of customers in pipeline - In Pipeline

Number won - Won

Number Lost - Lost

% of deals that successfully makes it through the pipeline - Win %

New prospects this month - Where the First Sales contact was in this month.

Average time deals stay in the pipeline before they are won - or sales velocity (days). - Avg. time to close days.


Remember you can quickly add a conversation from the Customer Lookup form, right click menu or from Customer > Main Menu > Quick Add Conversation button.

Go to Customer Form > Conversations tab

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Customer Main Menu

Customer Main Menu

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Customer Conversations

Customer Conversations



Employee & Date

When you type in the note field the employee an date field will be populated

Follow Up

The date you want to follow up on this conversation


A note about the conversation.

With Whom

With whom you spoke.


What did you talk about. Select topic from the dropdown. Change in Company > Extra >Table Maintenance

You can set a default in the Employees form


How did the contact take place. (E.g. email, visit, telephone etc.). Change in Company > Extra >Table Maintenance


Select if the conversation is completed


Is Follow Up. Select if this is a follow up of a previous conversation

Pipeline Position

If this is about a sale, select the pipeline position.

To change the fields go to Company > Extra > Table Maintenance > Customer Tab and select Sales Pipeline

Time Begin

The time will be filled in when you type in the note field.

Time End

Change the time

Duration Minutes

The time you spend on this conversation


Right Click Menu

Create Booking

Should you select Create booking you will be re-directed to the Smart IT Calendar/booking screen Calendar/Booking

Create Outlook Task

Once selected, you are re-directed to MS outlook. The contents of the conversation will be embedded in the body of the appointment/task, and you can continue to set and or edit your appointment/tasks.

Where is it used?

Customer > Conversations

Sales pipeline overview.



You can set a default 'About' in the Employee Form