Equipment Stock

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Go to Customer Main Form and select Customer Equipment


Aim: If you buy  for e.g. a bike, you then want to repair it using the internal job card module and the bikes cost must be adjusted as you use parts to repair it.


Step 1. Add the item to stock.

Step 2. Go to Customer Equipment and add the item as a new item and on the Equipment Stock Tab select the item so that the items are linked.

            Remember that you must link the items before you do the GRN.

Step 3. GRN the item. After the Goods Received Note is processed the buy price (cost price) will be displayed.

Step 4. Do the internal job card and the Workshop Cost Total will be displayed.

Step 5. The total cost and total profit will be displayed after the item is sold.


[You can also use the Bill Of Material module to have the same effect]





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