Add or Edit Stock Items

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Items are the things you sell, whether they're products or a service that appear on your invoices.


Watch the video: Creating New Stock Items - Tutorial


Go to: Stock  Items > Item Lookup and click on the Add New Stock Button.

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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You can also import your stock items from a CSV file or you can add an item, by using an existing item. See Item Lookup.

If it is a new item, the tabs will be disabled until you save the form.

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

PictureAdditional Order QuantityReservedOn HandAvailableDate AddedWarehouse Stock LevelsHoverAttributeComponentAdditional InfoCost And Selling TabAverage Sales QtyGrowthSupplier Has StockOn OrderMaximumSuggestedReliabilitySupplier Item CodeOther SuppliersPreferred SupplierStock GroupGreen PlusBin LocationShort DescriptionItem NameGreen PlusGreen PlusStatusItem CodeItem NumberDiscontinuedActiveAdditional BarcodesReorder LevelMinimum Order QtyCloneLabelDetail TransactionsSerial NumberDeleteAdd StockStock_Main_General

Other Suppliers / merging of stock items.




In Stock (On Hand)

Number of items in the shop.

Reorder Level

When the stock item reaches this level, you must reorder it. Set in the Stock Main Form.

You can set the reorder level to the average sales values in the Purchase Planning form.

Bulk change it in the Extended Item Lookup form.

You can set a default value for new items created in the Stock > Stock Options > New Item Defaults form.

Additional Order Quantity

When the reorder level is reached, this is the quantity that you must order. This figure will be shown in the Purchase Planning Form. It is configured in the Stock Main Form > General Tab.

You can bulk change the quantity in the Extended Lookup form.Tab

On Order

Items that are on order from the suppliers.


= Allocated item quantities on Sales Orders and Job Cards

Confirmed Demand

= Total item quantities on Sales Orders and Job Cards

   This is the quantity you need to fulfill all sales orders and job card requirements

Available Quantity

= In Stock - Reserved

  Quantity available to sell.

Stock Shortfall


= Confirmed Demand - (In Stock + On Order)

A positive quantity means that you can't fulfill your current orders.


Suggested quantity: This is the quantity that SI+ predicts you must order, taking maximum levels, minimum levels, lead time, and days until the end of the month into account.

See also Purchase Planning.

Quantity to order

Use either of these two, depending on your trust in the figures.


(using your own values)

If the In-Stock - Sales Orders - Reorder Level is less than or equal to 0, then the quantity will be calculated as follows:

SQty.NoR = Reorder Level - In Stock - On Order + Confirmed Demand

  Otherwise, the calculation will be as follows:

SQty.NoR = Reorder Level - In Stock + Additional Order Quantity - On Order + Confirmed Demand



(as predicted by SI+)

Quantity to order using linear regression techniques.

Suggestion Regression (SQty.R) = Next Sales + Confirmed Demand - On Hand - On Order


If it is a new item, the tabs will be disabled until you save the form.


Security Settings (You can set the following for this form)

View Restricted subset.  (You can't see the fields)

Cost price, Supplier List Price and Supplier won't show


Edit tick. (If the tick is off you won't be able to edit the form)


Edit Restricted.

You can't edit the Supplier List Price.



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