Reconciliation - Invoice Method

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There are 2 methods of reconciling a supplier's transactions. Select which one you want to use in the Supplier Main Form.

Method 1 - Status reconciliation - recommended option.

Method 2 - Invoice reconciliation - no checks and balances, recommended for smaller business with uncomplicated reconciliations.

Method 2 is explained here.


This can be used to quickly process payment for suppliers as per their invoices.

Please note that with this method there are no checks and balances as with the Supplier Reconciliation - Status Reconciliation.


In order to use this function you would need to ensure that the supplier(s) are set on the Recon / Payment Allocation Type as invoice allocation type.

See Recon / Payment Allocation Type in the Supplier Main form.


If the Type is not set as invoice then the 'normal' Supplier Reconciliation form will open.



Select the supplier you want to pay from the Supplier Lookup form. Right click on the supplier and then select Reconcile this Supplier).


The following form will open.

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Payment numberPayment numberRecon CompleteOrder NumberTransaction ReportPayment AmountPayment AmountPayment DateClear Grid FilterCheckboxReferenceDiscount accountSupplier Document NumberDocument referenceRefreshRetrieveBranch SelectSearch RowAudit No.Allocation NoteSummary BarAdvise NotePay LaterPay NowSupplier CreditsSelect BetweenAuto FillSelectedModuleModuleDue DateDue DateRow SelectorDate QuickDate RangeDiscount %Discount AmountSupplier Payment per Invoice


Select the invoices you wish to pay for.

In the Payment Amount column you can double click to pay the full amount, or  you can enter the amount manually or use the Auto Fill button to automatically enter the amounts for the selected invoices. Supplier credits and discount amounts will automatically be deducted from the invoice amount. You can also manually move Supplier Credits between invoices.

In the selected portion, fill in payment date, account etc, then press Pay Selected.

A payment Advise note can be generated, and if required a message on the note can be captured.

Once pay select is done, all journals will be created


To Reverse a payment or Credit


Select All Invoices, top of form next to the Supplier Name

Right click on the payment you want to reverse and click Reverse

All payments in that specific range will be deleted. All journal entries pertaining to that Payment will be removed.

Remember you can lookup all deleted entries by going to the General Ledger Detail and select Show Deleted.