Sales Order Allocations

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This is used to allocate stock to current Sales Orders


Go to Quote / Sales Order > Allocate Stock To Sales Orders.

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Edit FilterGrid ReportDeposit PaidOn Order AllocatedOn Order Qty Left to AllocateQty Left To AllocateStock AllocatedQty Left to InvoiceGrid ReportShortfallOn OrderSOHQty Left to Inv.Combined Allocation NeededReset All AllocationsAuto All Oldest FirstAuto Allocate Where...Review Existing AllocationsAllocation NeededClear FilterSales_Order_Allocate



Sales Order Allocation Menu (Option Buttons On Menu)


Clear Filter.

Clear the blue filter line of all filters.

Allocation Needed

Click to get a list of all sales orders that still need to be allocated.

Review Existing Allocations

If you want to re-allocate the quantities available.

Auto Allocate Where Enough Stock

Once selected the system will only allocate stock to Sales Orders where the whole sales order can be filled. If the whole sales order can’t be filled, then nothing will happen,

Stock that has been allocated won't be overridden thus you have to use Reset All Allocations.

Auto Allocate Oldest First

Allocate the quantities available to the oldest orders first. Please note that if there is quantities filled in the On Order Allocated column then this will be taken into consideration

E.g the oldest orders Quantity Left To Invoice is 30  and in the On Order Allocated column there is 10 then SI+ will only allocate 20 (20+10=30) thus if you don't want this to happen use the Reset All Allocations menu option or the SI+ Set 0 buttons on the form.

You can use the Reset All Allocations option to reset all quantities allocated.

You can use the SET 0 button to reset individual items.

Reset All Allocations

This option will zero all stock already allocated as well as On Order Allocated



Allocation Short Cuts

Specific to each item selected

Oldest orders first

Allocate the quantities available to the oldest orders first.

Equal Split

It will allocate the quantities available equally between the sale orders.

Set 0

Set all the allocated quantities to zero. Only if you want to re-allocate.

Save and Refresh

Click to save your work.



Please note that not all of the columns are described here.

Columns on the left hand side of the window.

Combined allocation needed.

Stock quantities and On Order quantities added up together. In the example above SOH=231 and On Order =8 (239 in total). You have allocated only 0 items and 0 On Order items . Thus SOH + On order = 239 and you have allocated 0  Thus you can still allocate 239 (231+8)


Please make sure that there are no negative amounts in the Combined Allocation Needed column. You can filter for negative amounts. Change the Stock Allocated and/or On Order Allocated.

Qty Left to Invoice

The quantity that you must still invoice.

SOH (Stock on hand)

The quantity of stock you have in stock.


The quantity not in stock

Stock To Allocate

The quantity available for allocation..

Columns on the right hand side of the window.

Click an item on the left  hand side of the window and all the sales orders associated with it will be displayed in the right hand side of the window.

Stock allocated

The quantity that has been allocated. The total amount available (SOH) can be seen in the left hand window.

Quantity left to allocate. (Bottom right hand corner)

The total quantities (SOH & On Order) that is still available to be allocated