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Back Order

If the supplier keeps back orders you must check this box. Purchase orders and GRN's will be handled differently. Partial ordering will be allowed See also Stock > Purchase Order

Print Remittance

To automatically print the remittance after reconciling the supplier.

Settlement Discount

If you receive discount from your suppliers, the system will automatically calculate this when doing your supplier reconciliation.


Supplier Order Lead Time in Days

Most inventory control systems use a formula for lead-time demand. This field will be used to determine the minimum stock you must carry.

Day of month to pay supplier

This date will be the Target Payment Date in the Completed Reconciliation form.

Discount on List Price

This field is only used in the siLink module. If the dealer (Franchisee) imports the Franchisor's price list it will automatically adjust the Dealers Suppliers List Price with this discount percentage.



You can search for specific keywords in the Supplier Lookup form. Example, which suppliers sell a specific item

Rest of the fields

For information purposes. You can use it to filter the data in Supplier Lookup form.