Cash Up

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Cash up: to count all the money taken by a business at the end of each day.

Go to: Invoice | Cash Up.






Two Modes (System & Counted)

You select which mode to use under Invoice > Invoice Options.

The difference between the two modes are that if you use System Totals then your sales figures and totals are visible, in the Counted Mode the amounts are not visible. The person can't see how much money should be in the till.

Cash up everything

Cash up of all transactions, not cashed up till now.

Before Date

Cash up everything up to this date.

Cash up, up to this date

Cash up to a specific date.

Till No.

Select the till you want to cash up or leave it blank to cash up all the tills.


Select the branch you want to cash up.

Previous Cash Ups

To view previous completed cash up's.

Bank Deposit Detail Lookup

To view the detail or select previous Completed Bank Deposits to reprint it.


Click on Cash Up Now to open the Cash Up Daily Form.

In Counted Mode the Till Cash Up Breakdown form will open immediately bypassing the Cash Up Daily Form.


On the Cash Up Daily Form you can:

1. Print the Cash Up Report: Print the form, count the money and complete the form.

2. Print: Print all the till totals. (Not available in the Counted mode)

3. Cash Up Detail. All the individual invoices, credit notes etc. will be displayed. (Not available in Counted mode)

4. Cash Up Till - To fill in the cash breakdown and to handle your float. See image below.


Till_ CashUp_ Breakdown_Counted



Cash Up Breakdown:-  Count the various notes and coin quantity (i.e R40 = 2 x R20)

The Counted Total is the total amount counted including the Float.

The Sales (System) Total is the amount without the Float, the highest of the Counted Total or System Total amount will be used on the Process Daily Close form. Note if you use the Counted Mode than the amount won't be displayed.

Difference = Counted - (System Total + Float). Won't be displayed if you use the Counted Mode.

Cash to Bank = Counted - Float - Increase in Float (or + if the float is decreased)

If you want to increase your Float, type the amount in the Increase Float field or use a - amount to decrease the float.


After counting the money select the Next button on the Till Cash Up Breakdown Form (Counted Mode)  or the Process Daily Close button on the Cash Up Daily Form (System Totals Mode)

Process Daily Close will zero the tills so that it starts at zero the next day.

The following screen will now open.

Cash Movement


In the above form you must tell the program what you did with the money in the tills.


System Total: Total Sales and Receipts

Cash To Bank: The amount which needs to be reflected in the journal(s) of Where The Money Has Gone.

Float: The amount you increased or decreased your float.

Contra Total. The journals that you have posted.

Unallocated: The difference between Cash to Bank and the Contra Total. This amount must still be allocated to a ledger account in Where The Money Has Gone. The Un-Allocated amount must be zero before you will be allowed to process the journal.

Over / Short: The amount that is Over or Short

Tip - Instead of doing single entries  you can take all the money to a Bank Suspense account (add this General Ledger account in your GL Account Set Up), then you can at your leisure post the entries from the Suspense Account to : for example.  Bank account, Petty Cash, Office Expenditure etc.

Click on the New Bank Deposit button to make up a new deposit or select an existing, uncompleted deposit if you want to add the money to it.