Internal Job Card

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An internal job card would be used if you needed to book out items which should not be booked out to the client, but should be deducted from your inventory.

Example 1: You have a photocopier business and the clients pay you a monthly rent but they don't pay for the parts.

Example 2: You have a garage and you want to repair one of your own vehicles.


Go to Workshop > Add Job Card


Step 1. Select internal

        Internal Job Card


Add your stock items to the job card.

Note: Please note that the VAT type must be Not Applicable.

         Labour and Non Sock Items won't be posted.


Step 2.

Select the Payment Tab and select the General Ledger Account you want to post to:

Example: Vehicle maintenance account


Remember you can set the default Internal GL Account under Account Options as well as in the Customer Equipment form. The Internal GL Account in the Customer Equipment form will override the Internal GL Account in Account Options.




The entry in the general ledger will be for example, debit Stock Adjustments (the Internal GL Account you selected) and credit Stock. The description will be for e.g. ' Internal Job 25'. You can thus search on the description for all internal jobs in your General Ledger Detail or Stock Detail as well as your Job Card Look-up (The Order No. will be [Internal job])



The Internal General Ledger (GL) Account will have no effect if it is not an Internal Job Card. The Customer will have no either.


You can also use it in conjunction with Projects