Workshop Printing

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Show Equipment ConditionDocument ImageReport TypeWorkshop_Options_Printing


Report Type based on Tendered.

This is selected on the printing tab.  When this is selected, the system will automatically print the invoice on Invoice Report Type you have selected for Cash and Account, the result is that should an account customer pay cash on an invoice (and you have selected slip for cash clients when printing)  the document will be printed on a slip and not a A4 for example.


Report Options: Check the options that must print on the job card.

Group by Stock Group Root: Items will grouped according to the Stock Group they belong to.


Design your own Job Card Invoice, Job Card Labels and the Job Card Report


Show Condition:

Describes the condition of the equipment prior to repair

Select if you want to print the condition of the equipment serviced on the job card report.

Create or edit Conditions of the Equipment in the Job Card > Equipment Tab.