Quick Cashup

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Quick Cash Up. (For an easier, quicker daily Cash Up)

Once you are ready to do your daily CashUp: Go to Invoice > New Invoice > Click on the Extra button and select Quick Cashup

A set up is required to use this function.

1 Create a general ledger account for e.g. Cash Holding Account, the account type is Assets Cash and the Vat type is Not Applicable.

2 Go to the Ledger > Account Options > Account Defaults tab and match this general ledger account to the Cash up Holding.

Till NumberPayoutInvoice_Extra_Quick_Cashup


This will reflect the total value of the cash sales.

When selecting OK the system does the daily close for you and post it to the selected default account, and a Cash Up and Audit number is generated and displayed.


Cash UpInvoice_Extra_Quick_Cashup_2


The general ledger entries are



Cash Holding Account


Cash Control



The last step is to create an adjustment journal and specify what the money was used for.






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