System Requirements

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Hardware & Software

Minimum Requirements


2GHz Intel or AMD Processor (4 GHz or faster recommended)


Server:          4GB or greater

Server, doubling as a workstation: 4GB or greater

Workstation: 4GB

Disk Space

5 GB free space


17" Optimized for 1280 *1024 screen resolution or higher

Operating Systems

Windows 7 & 8, all editions (preferably the Professional Version)

Windows Vista, all editions

Windows XP SP3 or later all editions

64-bit version of above operating systems also supported, except Windows XP.

Linux - Not supported

Apple Macintosh - Not supported

.NET Framework 4.0 (downloaded automatically during installation)



Network Card

100 Mbps

Switch or Router

100 Mbps

Network Bandwidth

40 Mbps


Smart IT recommends that you do not install SI+ on a terminal server that is a communications server, print server, or modem server.

Please note:  If you are intending to use a remote Log-in, Your Server Computer must have a Windows Professional Version.