Security Groups

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This module allows you to set up different users with different access levels.

Each employee must belong to a security group. The security group (in conjunction with Security Setup) determine which forms/modules of the company the user can access. Each company can have unlimited users.


Security Groups work in conjunction with Security Setup. See also Application > Security Setup

Go to: Employee > Security Groups

Employee Main Menu

Employee Main Menu


Click on Security Groups.

Employee Security Groups

Employee Security Groups


Allow by default.

Check if you want that group to have full permission to any of the forms within the system (View, Edit, Delete etc. by default.) other wise uncheck it and the group will have no access to any of the forms within the system.


You will now have to go to each form and assign permissions for that specific group and form.


See Security Setup on how to use it.


If the employee does not have set permission to open a form the following message will be displayed:

Security prevented opening form.