Invoice Options - General

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Go to Invoice > Invoice Options > General tab

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

WorkshopStock ItemsSupplierCustomerQuotesLedgerInvoiceEmployeecompanyFileSales OverviewGift CardInvoice OptionsInvoice ExtraRecurring Invoice LookupCashUpNew Credit NoteCredit Note LookupInvoice LookupNew InvoiceInvoice_Main_Menu


Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Default CurrencyPayment LabelsAsk save unknown barcodeTouchCredit NoteEmailLabelAssign TillMiscellaneousMessage On ReportHardwarePrintAllow Partial MatchShow MarkupCash Up ModeScale BarcodeUse Scale BarcodesInvoice TypeLimit Non- CashLimit Maximum ChangeItem Lookup DefaultForce ScanningShow Stock On HandCash ModeInvoice Default TypeRoundingReset PricesDefault Invoice DiscountMaximum Invoice DiscountSales PersonLocal SettingAllow Price ChangesInvoice_Options_General

Please note that all Local Settings have a green background and Server Settings a blue background.

Local Settings is specific to a computer, you must thus specify the setting for each computer on your network. Server Settings apply to all the computers on the network.