Sales Order Lookup

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The Sales Order lookup is used to view all Sales Orders, to print reports, add new Sales Orders and to action on existing Sales Orders.

Go to: Quote / Sales Order >  Sales Order Lookup. To open an existing sales order, double click on the Sales Order No., or right click on the row and select Open This Order.

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

CompanyEmployeeWorkshopStock ItemsSupplierCustomersGeneral LedgerInvoiceFileNew Sales OrderNew QuoteQuote OptionsQuote DetailLookupPack Sales OrderSales Order OptionsAllocate StockSales Order DetailSales Order LookupQuote_Menu


Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Can Be FilledRepWith SelectedOrder NoAllCancelledIn ProcessAdd NewCompleteFollow UpStatusPreview ReportPack This OrderProjectClear Search DataSales Order StatusExtraTracking NoOrder No.Quote No.EnquiryOpen CustomerSummary BarSummary BarEmployeeETAOpen Sales OrderEdit FilterGrid ReportCheckboxCheckboxSearch RowSelect VisibleDate Range QuickDate RangePrintClear FilterRefreshSales_Order_Lookup


Sales Order Lookup - Menu Bar.

Menu Bar



Click on Refresh to refresh the screen and get the latest data.


To remove all filters on the Sales Order Lookup form.


To Add a new sales order.


Show all non completed sales orders.


Show all cancelled sales orders (Entire sales order(s) which have been cancelled, not partially cancelled sales orders.


This is a filter to view only the completed Sales Orders. Once an entire Sales Order has been transferred to an Invoice it is marked as complete.


This is a filter to view all Sales Orders i.e. completed, cancelled, partially cancelled as well as those which are in progress.


To print/email or export the Sales Order Lookup form.

Display Options


Sales Order Status

This is a filter to view Sales orders by their status, example: In Progress, Completed etc.

From & To

A filter to only view Sales Orders for a specific date range. Click on Retrieve to view the results.

Select Project

This is a filter to view all Sales Orders linked to a specific project. Click on retrieve to view results.

Grid Reports

You are able to set up your own reports from here or select from a list of preset reports. See Grid Reports

With Selected

Select the customers you want to work with. See image above.


Email selected customers. e.g: "your sales order is ready for collection"


SMS the customers from the selected Sales Orders.


To cancel all non-complete Sale Orders that has been selected.


If you want to transfer more than one sales order (must be from the same customer) to the same invoice.

Select all visible

To select all (filtered) Sales Orders

Deselect all visible

To deselect all (filtered) Sales Orders

In the program you can hover the mouse over some buttons to get help.