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Options that can be set for quotes.

Go to: Quote / Sales Order > Quote Options > General Tab

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Hover your mouse over certain parts of the form below, the cursor (Cursor) will change to a hand (Hand). Click to get specific help on that part of the form.

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Allow Change Cost price

This allows you to change the cost price of an item on the quotation allowing you to see how the Markup and GP are effected. Note, that the cost price is only used for calculation purposes and does not effect any journal entries. Purpose of using this function: A customer wishes to order a large quantity of stock, you would then check with your supplier on their pricing for a bulk order. You would enter this cost pricing on the quotation, to reflect the new Markups etc.


Customers: Show inactive.

Select if you want to be able to choose your inactive clients if you do a new quote.


Cost Price Method - Only applicable for quotes.

To determine the cost price that is displayed in the quote column, "Cost Price / Unit" you can choose between the Cost of Sales Valuation Method or the Pricing Method. Whatever you have selected will be used. The cost price that is shown in the quote is only for information purposes and has no effect on any journal entries.

If unsure what to select, select the Cost of Sales Valuation Method.


Structured Internal Note.

Set it in Quote Options.

The internal note on the quote will now change in that where you were previously able to type in freehand, there is now an additional field, and the information that is typed in there will record the time and date as well as who did it.






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