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Go to Invoice > New Invoice

Invoice options can be set by going to Invoice > Invoice Options.

To automatically open the invoice form when you log in to the program, go to Employee > Employee Lookup. Select the employee you want to work with and select between: Open Invoice, Open Only Invoice and Open Only Touch Invoice.

To use the Touch Invoice, got to Invoice > Touch Invoice

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Cancel InvoiceTrade InAvailableSOHGross Profit TargetGP and MUWarehouseWeightInvoice SecurityDatePlus SignSummary BarUnitClearDelete LineReset LineClone ItemTill No.Item Lookup ButtonDiscountPrice ChangesCustomer MorePayment tabVat TypeVATMoveSelect PriceInsert HeadingOpen InventoryDelete ItemQuick SellReturn ButtonAdd Items fromGrid ReportProcessPaymentExtraBarcode F6SalespersonLookup 2AddF10Cash or on accountOrder NumberCredit AvailableRefreshInvoice FromInvoice_Item


Credit Available:

The amount of credit available will show. If you change the credit amount in the Customer Form press the Refresh Button ( graphic)

Order No.:

Order number the customer gave you.


Salesperson (Representative) who sold the item. Default Rep. can be set under Invoice Options


See the line below the Amount Field. (Top right hand corner)

Barcode F6:

To add an item to the invoice, scan the item barcode or type the stock code or scan/type the serial number. The stock lookup will automatically open if you typed in only a part of the code and the cursor will be placed in the Barcode column. You can specify in which column the cursor must be placed, go to Invoice Options and select the column from the Stock Lookup Default Column.

Payment F8:

To accept and allocate payments.


To process the invoice.

Cancel Invoice:

To cancel the invoice

Item Lookup F5

Click to search for an item.

GP%, MU, Profit

To show or not to show, go to Invoice > Invoice options Invoice_Options_MU

Quick Sell

Select and add all your Quick Sell items

Till No.

Till no. allocated to this computer. To change it go to Invoice Options and select the Assign Till Numbers tab.

Return Button

If an item is returned, add it and then select the Return Button. The line item total will now show as a negative amount and the stock will be returned to the inventory.Stock item can also be created as a trade in.

Add Items From

Combining items from a quote/sales order/job card onto a single invoice for a specific customer.


The Payment screen:

Select the Payment button or press the F8 key.

Cancel InvoicePayment TypeCustomer TabItems TabOn Account3rd PartyDirect BankLoyalty pointsVoucherExtraDiscount RulesInvoice_Payment_Tab


Payment Type

Fill in the amounts how the customer paid the invoice, e.g. cash, cheque, credit card etc

Discount %

You can fill in a discount % (use - [minus] if you want to add an amount to the invoice, e.g. a surcharge on fuel etc.).

The default contra account is the Sales Account. You can change it in Ledger > Account Options > Default Tab

Process F9

Click to process the invoice.


Set it under Invoice Options.

Voucher No.

If the customer pays with more than one voucher, separate the voucher numbers with a comma (,).Gift Cards

3rd Party Finance Amt

Amount financed.

3rd Party - Provider

To add the providers go to Invoice > Extra > 3rd Party Finance Providers


The Customer / More screen.

ProcessBranchExchange RateCurrencyDueProjectWarehouseInvoice_More_Tab


Payment Due Date.

The due date is determined by the payment terms. If the payment terms is set to 30 days then the due date will be the invoice date + 30 days

The invoice lookup form will show all invoices that is due.

Most company's make use of the Payment Terms. These terms are based on financial month's.

Example, say the payment terms is 30 days then if the current month is July then payment is only due by the end of August. However if you only want to give the customer 30 days from invoice then you can use the Payment Due Date option. The Payment Due date is displayed in the invoice lookup form



The address detail that you type in will display on the invoice form. If it was an On Account invoice then the address detail that you type in here will display on the invoice as the Delivery Address (Ship-to address). Remember to select your invoice report under Invoice Options.


Customer Name.

If it is a Cash Invoice and the Payment Type is Direct Bank/EFT and you typed in a name in the Customer Name field then this data will be displayed as the Reference in the Bank Reconciliation form.


Quick Sell

This function is used as a quick lookup for the most popular items you sell, instead of having to look it up on the inventory form. On your Main Item Form go to the additional info tab and mark the quick sell box.


On the invoice select the quick sell button, and the items you have selected to be quick sell will be listed here as well as a picture of the item you have attached.  See below.




Invoice Security Settings. See also Application > Security Setup