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Loyalty Cards:

A loyalty card program is an incentive plan that has two advantages. Firstly, it allows a retail business to gather data about its customers. Secondly, it is used build repeat business by rewarding repeat customers.

Three Reasons to use Loyalty Cards:

1.Improved customer retention

The accumulation of loyalty points toward a reward, or service incentive makes customers more likely to return. It also provides you with information about the customers that assists in meeting their needs more effectively. In addition, loyalty program operators often report that once a customer starts redeeming rewards, their enthusiasm to return rises considerably. This leads to much higher levels of customer retention. You can use this data to segment your customers for improved marketing, sales and customer services.

2.Best customer marketing (BCM)

Best Customer Marketing involves spending more time, effort, and money on the best customers in order to maximize your return on investment. Not surprisingly, the principles of best customer marketing are the driving force behind the leading loyalty programs in the world today.

3.Reduced promotional and advertising cost

Significant savings can be made by targeted marketing campaigns. There is no need to send out thousands of flyers that will be thrown away unread, or take up newspaper space that is irrelevant to many readers. The added benefit of targeted advertising is the fact that it can be measured to gauge its effectiveness.

See how you can set up a loyalty program in Smart-it:





Smart-It's loyalty program

Customers get an automated welcome email.

 Welcome emails are perhaps the most important email marketing messages in your email program. Why? Because your contacts tend to be        most engaged right after they register. Our latest data shows that the average open rate of a welcome email is over 82% and the average click-t        through rate is around 27%.

 Here are my top 3 reasons why you should create a welcome email series:

           It makes new contacts feel welcome.

           It shows new contact that your email program is working.

           It provides people with the information they need to make an informed decision about the purchase.


That means more than eight out of 10 people will open your welcome email. And more than one in four will click through to your site.

Customers can get an automated email every time a target is reached.

Will see their loyalty points on their invoices to remind them to come and redeem it.

Bulk email to customers who's loyalty card is going to expire.

Easy to see who your most loyal customers are.